Electrolux Act - Health Carpet

Electrolux Design Lab - Competition proposal, among best 70 of 2500 proposals.


Act is interactive health carpet for people that are interested of their daily health. The carpet is made of new era bio-technical material (ACT: Antibacterial Cell Tissue), which consist of cell-base which mainly cleans the air and the optical fur coating that grows from the carpet and acts like monitor.

The carpet is your personal trainer keeping you in fit. It tells you precisely what is your body condition and what kind of sport you need to do to be in fit. It tracks your nutrition balance and makes meal proposals that are healthy. Through the Lux-cloud service you can challenge against your global friends time to time and see who really is in best fit. It encourages people to stay in good fit and start them to sport and live a good life.
Lux-cloud is network-service provided by Electrolux. With it the users are able to be connected each other’s globally. In cloud Electrolux will provide chargeable gymnastic training’s as well as changeable electric coatings to carpet. Electrolux will also held gymnastic challenges in cloud being the company that is all the time on the top of sports.