Gardenbot - Robot concept

Customer: Probot Ltd.

Project lead: Jarmo Lehtonen, Creanorth Oy

Design tools: Rhinoceros 5, Keyshot, Photoshop



Probot Ltd. is high-tech robot company located in Oulu, Finland. They provide custom project design and implementation for various platforms in robotics and automation.

The company was looking new ideas for their robot products. Probot Ltd. gave us free hands to develop new product concepts around their  new innovation: MobilityModule-400 robotic wheel.

This school project was lead by Designer Jarmo Lehtonen from Creanorth Ltd. He was our project tutor giving us tips through the process.



My goal was to think new ideas to fit in gardens theme. After processing some by sketching I continued the work in 3D-environment. I was thrilled of one specific garden rack sketch that combined the themes of wheelbarrow and toolbox.