Myda 2015 competition entry

Concept: Sami Kallamäki, Pekka Puhakka

Terra Manna is environmentally friendly and electric powered boathouse for people who love to live their life at the sea. Boat is self-sufficient catamaran that contains two garden sections in both side of the hull offering fresh vegetables for occupants.

Design process:

The boat honors the values of simplicity and practicality. Our concept bow for the design for all thought which means the users as old people and disabled persons  has take into account. Our focus was to concentrate daily user functions. Once the design was defined and all functions decided we modeled the boat whit rhinoceros.


The theme of the boat concept is easily seen inside. The room is one big loft- space where the user is surrounded by greenhouses.The space is sectioned in four sections that are bedroom, relaxing area, kitchen and toilet area. Users comfort is the priority thing in this concept. Stairs to roof are placed between kitchen and bathroom. The entrance to roof is executed with sliding hatch that opens the way up to sunbathe and fishing. As an experience the boat is multifunctinal and compact environment.


The main entrance is placed on the front of cockpit and it has sliding mechanism that opens the doors wide open so it is clear for persons with wheelchair to come in. Boat is powered with electricity. Solar panels on the roof are collecting power to water-turbines those run the boat. The engine will get enough power for the daytrips for the green electricity it collects. Small combustion engine generator supports the vessel if needed.